Vier Feldherren 2.0

Last year the hosts of Geek News Radio (the absolute bestest podcast on the interwebs) ran a Warhammer 40k painting competition among themselves. Since I had recently picked up the hobby again, I joined in as the unofficial 5th Feldherr and had a lot of fun exchanging picture of minis along with a ton of banter. One might even say I had some of the more turtle paced official Feldherren beat at the end.

Some of the minis I completed during Vier Feldherren

Some of the minis I completed during Vier Feldherren

On a recent episode they renewed Vier Feldherren for a second season with new rules: Everyone pledges minis of about 1000 points. And I wouldn’t be GNR’s most loyal memester and shitposter, if I wouldn’t crash the party again.

So I’ve decided to take some of the unfinished minis I have lying around and buy a couple more to complete a 1000 points detatchment. But lore junky that I am, I also want to create an interesting story around the army. Games Workshop have recently come out with a limited edition miniature of Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn, star of the Black Library Series by the same name. I picked him up and will send him on his most sercret, risky and delicate mission yet:

As a member of the Inquisition’s Ordo Xenos, Gregor Eisenhorn had studied the Xenos, known on the worlds of the Emperor as the Eldar. Although they had often fascinated his younger self, he always took them for what they are: Alien beings that, while similar to humans in appearance, followed their own agenda, driven by motives that could never be understood by any servant of the Emperor.

Never in his wildest dreams had Eisenhorn thought he would meet with an Eldar Farseer one day. But the mission the chapter command of the Imperial Fists had sent him on required their help and this in return forced the Inquisitor to place a lot of trust in the Xenos. An uncomfortable position, to put it mildly. Eisenhorn usually relied on the support of his team of specialists, but on this mission the Astartes had not allowed for this kind of escort. Instead they had sent Brother Aurelianus of the Apothecarion with him, the chapter’s most skilled surgeon. Aurelianus was the one who had full knowledge of their mission and much to Eisenhorn’s annoyance he only told him as much as he needed to know at each stage.

Now the two of them walked on a distant world trough a forest of strange trees accompanied by an Eldar strike force of the craft world Alaitoc. The Eldar had agreed to this unusual temporal alliance with the mon-keigh for their own reasons. Reasons that would forever remain unknown to Eisenhorn and Aurelianus and this uncertainty made the inquisitor very nervous. But this was the only way they could gain access to a key element in their mission plan.

Steadily, on damp forest grounds, the odd battle force marched to the nearest webway gate.

Jup, that’s right: It’s an Eldar battle force featuring Gregor Eisenhorn and a Primaris Apothecary. Because why not? Maybe, I’ll keep expanding the story a bit here on the blog.

Here’s the list of units with approximate point values:

  • Gregor Eisenhorn (100)
  • Primaris Apothecary (68)
  • Eldar Farseer (100)
  • 10 Guardian Defenders with heavy weapon platform (110)
  • 9 Rangers (108)
  • 5 Wraithguard (200)
  • Wraithlord (133)
  • Wave Serpent (167)

Eisenhorn is on his way to me via air mail and I also ordered the Apothecary and a “Start Collecting: Eldar” box which contains the Wraithguard, Wraithlord and Farseer (and a Warwalker, which I’m probably gonna sell again). The rest are unfinished models I have lying around.

I’m very excited to start this project!

You can find Dave’s, Fab’s and Joe’s plans for Vier Feldherren on their respective blogs.