Vier Feldherren Update: Rangers

Having treaded on the path of the outcast for a long time, the group of Rangers now accompanying the Farseer Laa’hara had seen some humans before. Most of the time in combat and through their scopes. Some of them had heard stories about eldar and humans fighting on one side. Alliances of necessity against an overwhelming enemy. This was very different. The human inquisitor and his augmented companion were part of their expedition.

Vier Feldherren 2.0

Last year the hosts of Geek News Radio (the absolute bestest podcast on the interwebs) ran a Warhammer 40k painting competition among themselves. Since I had recently picked up the hobby again, I joined in as the unofficial 5th Feldherr and had a lot of fun exchanging picture of minis along with a ton of banter. One might even say I had some of the more turtle paced official Feldherren beat at the end.