Vier Feldherren Update: Rangers

Having treaded on the path of the outcast for a long time, the group of Rangers now accompanying the Farseer Laa’hara had seen some humans before. Most of the time in combat and through their scopes. Some of them had heard stories about eldar and humans fighting on one side. Alliances of necessity against an overwhelming enemy. This was very different. The human inquisitor and his augmented companion were part of their expedition. It was unclear to them where they were all headed. The Farseer had not shared this information with the whole group.

As they marched through the woods, the rangers secured the perimeter. Using their stealth skills to remain unseen, they were all but sure that the humans did not even know of their presence. The rangers preferred it that way.

So I finished the first squad of my first 4 Feldherren bid: 9 Eldar Rangers.

I bought these models back in my first 40k career during high school, which is why they are the old metal ones. I believe you can now get plastic rangers. Back in the day I had the craftworlds codex supplement and played craftworld Alaitoc, which is known for it’s significant number of rangers. They even had their own special unit, the pathfinders, which were very experienced rangers. So the 9 models were separated in three squads, each painted a little differently.

The pathfinders don’t exist as a separate unit any more and I decided to completely press the reset button on all the models: I stripped the paint off of them using nail polish remover and a toothbrush, which worked perfectly. (! Only with metal models !) They had regular 25 mm bases, which I found boring and so I got some 25 mm Temple style resin bases from Micro Art Studio in Poland. They have a huge variety of modeled bases and I can would recommend them to anyone looking for cool bases.

Since the rangers are metal models, I had to use a saw to create a slot in the bases in which I later placed the minis using green stuff. I was really happy with the result:

Full disclosure: The basing was done in December and thus obviously before the start of 4 Feldherren 2.0.

So here are the finished models: